Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he could see himself ‘conquering the U.S.’ with move to MLS

Could Zlatan Ibrahimovic be making a move to MLS soon? The Manchester United striker is certainly open to it and, if his comments to Aftonvladet are any indication, it sounds like he’s planning on it.

"It’s a huge option for me," he said. "For the football and everything else. I can see myself conquering the U.S. as I have with Europe.

"Lots of people stay in one place throughout their career, but I’ve travelled around like Napoleon, and conquered every new country where I’ve sat foot. So perhaps I should do what Napoleon didn’t and cross the Atlantic and conquer the States as well."

Ibrahimovic was available on a free transfer in the summer and there were reports that he would join MLS then, but he opted for Manchester United and another stint under Jose Mourinho, whom he loves dearly. Ibrahimovic’s deal with the Red Devils is only for one season, though. He could be free and looking to make another move as soon as the summer of 2017.

Of course, Ibrahimovic talks a big game and likes to float ideas out there. Just because he’s talking about MLS and wanting to conquer the U.S. doesn’t mean he necessarily wants to or intends to. It could just be an idea he thinks is fun and so he goes all-in on it to the press. It wouldn’t be the first time he did so. But it could also be very true and a real possibility for him.

If Ibrahimovic does decide he wants to make the move to MLS, you can bet several teams will be in on him and he will cash a very big check.