‘You have a responsibility’ as UFC president – Schaub slams Dana White for saying Petr Yan won at UFC 273

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  • April 16, 2022
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Aljamain Sterling was finally able to avenge his controversial UFC 259 outcome with a clearer win over Petr Yan at UFC 273. But for UFC president Dana White, “No Mercy” was the real winner, taking three rounds to two.

“Funkmaster” already responded to the bossman, and now, former UFC heavyweight turned podcaster and stand-up comedian Brendan Schaub is doing the same. In a recent episode of the Schaub Show, he had these words for his “Eskimo brother.”

“When you’re the president of the UFC, you have a responsibility. So when you say ‘the judges got it wrong on that one,’ well now you f—ked Aljamain Sterling over. Now you f—ked him,” Schaub said.

“Because he beat the naysayers. He beat the haters. He shut everybody up. But now, it resurfaces, ‘cause the most powerful man in the UFC says he didn’t win that fight, which you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re wrong, dude.”

Schaub went off on a tangent to explain what he thinks is the correct criteria for judging a fight. He also says White should’ve watched the bout more than once instead of making a “quick judgment.

“You watch it from cage-side on the little monitor… And you rush to judgment before watching it for a second or third time. Which it should be your f—ng responsibility. Your duty should be to make sure if you’re gonna say that stuff, that you’re going based off the criteria that the fighters have to go off of when it comes to judging.

“But you don’t. You came to a quick judgment and it f—ks your fighter. It f—ks your champion. Because now, that’s out there. And now the media and the sheep run with it, and the MMA ‘experts’ that work for the UFC and ESPN are gonna run with it. And now you f—k up the stock of Aljamain Sterling.”

According to White, Sterling will likely face former champion T.J. Dillashaw for his next title defense. The champ, however, prefers a fight against ex-longtime titleholder José Aldo.