Yannick Carrasco completely ruined a defender’s life with no remorse

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Atletico Madrid beat PSV Eindhoven 2-0 to remain the only team in Champions League to win every single match of the tournament. They’ve won five in a row now, but that’s not what’s important at this juncture in time. What’s important is that Yannick Carrasco ruined a man’s life.

This is illegal in at least 17 countries that I’m aware of. I took the liberty to dial the Belgian Embassy and report Carrasco for his crimes, but the only response I got was "wat? Hoe heb je dit nummer?"

Never mind how I got the number, someone needs to come and lock this man up.

This is more than just rude, it’s downright sinful. Santiago Arias has a wife. He’s only 24 years old. Now he has to live out the rest of his days knowing that Carrasco is out there, walking around unpunished, swaggering even. How’s he supposed to sleep at night knowing the perpetrator of this heinous deed will probably never receive his due?