Who will host MLS Cup?

We’re down to the final four teams in the MLS Cup playoffs, and the final legs of the conference finals at that. There’s just 90 minutes (and maybe extra time) to find the two teams who will play for the title.

And when those two teams are settled, where will they play?

Heading into the second legs of the conference finals, there are three cities that could host MLS Cup. And because both conference finals are so close, all three are very realistically in play.

If the Colorado Rapids beat the Seattle Sounders in the Western Conference final, they will host MLS Cup. It’s that simple. They had the best regular season record among all the teams remaining so that one is locked in and, after getting an away goal in a 2-1 loss at Seattle in the first leg, they feel pretty good about their chances. But what if the Sounders win?

A Seattle win would put Toronto FC in the driver’s seat to host MLS Cup. The Reds had a better regular season record than the Sounders so if Seattle take down Colorado, all TFC have to do is top the Montreal Impact and they’re hosting the final. But if the Sounders win and then the Impact hold onto their 3-2 lead over TFC, the final would be headed to Seattle because the Sounders had a better regular season record than the Impact.

So to sum it up:

Rapids vs. Toronto FC or Impact: MLS Cup in Colorado.

Sounders vs. Toronto FC: MLS Cup in Toronto.

Sounders vs. Impact: MLS Cup in Seattle.