Watch this thirsty goalie completely ignore live play to get a drink of water

It’s important to stay hydrated as an athlete, but this goalie from the KHL probably could have chosen a better time to quench his thirst.

A parched Salavat Yulaev goaltender Andrei Gavrilov provided an absolutely hilarious moment during his team’s game against Dinamo Minsk on Friday when he was caught grabbing a drink of water during an oncoming rush from the opposition. Gavrilov just calmly stood in his crease with his back to the rush as a few Dinamo players closed in on net.


Thankfully for Gavrilov, he narrowly avoided surrendering an embarrassing goal when one of the Dinamo players put the puck wide on a one-timer attempt. Part of me wishes this hilarious display of goalie negligence resulted in a goal, but it actually might be funnier that it somehow didn’t.