Watch this stunner from beyond midfield in UEFA Youth League competition

Benfica took on Besiktas in the UEFA Youth League, and with 87 minutes on the clock and the score at 1-0, Benfica midfielder Gedson Fernandes netted one of the goals of the entire competition so far:

The strike is perfect. He catches it as cleanly as you possibly can on the volley, lashing it over the head of the flailing keeper and sending his teammates into raptures.

If you’re wondering why exactly the Besiktas players look so upset, it’s probably A.) they’re losing, and B.) because their keeper completely lost his mind, coming off his line all the way to midfield for NO reason to clear a ball, right beside his defender. And he didn’t even get a touch on it!

The keeper’s upset, his defenders are upset, and all the coach can do is scratch his head in angst.

Poor fella.