Watch this player lose his mind and shove a ref when shown a red card

Players deal with being shown red cards in different ways, but this here is the wrong way.

Over the weekend, a Brazilian third-division match between Guarani and Boa Esporte was going along unremarkably when Guarani’s Antonio Ferreira was whistled for a foul. The ref started to pull the red card out of his pocket and, well, just watch:


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Yikes. That’s definitely not OK. Thank goodness for his teammates restraining him because he was absolutely apoplectic.

The thing is, getting angry at refs has never, ever helped overturn a card or helped a player out. Was the initial red card justified? No, that looked like a blatant dive on the play. But when Ferreira flipped out, it no longer mattered.

It looks like Ferreira is headed for a long ban from playing over this and he deserves whatever punishment he gets. Boa Esporte, by the way, won 3-0, just to make matters worse for Ferreira and his Guarani side.