Watch this one-legged Dundee United fan score a Cantona-esque chip

At halftime of Dundee United’s 1-0 win over Dunfermline on Tuesday, United fans were challenged to race down the pitch from midfield and score in 10 seconds.

32-year-old Tommy McKay stepped up to the challenge and hightailed it down the pitch with plenty of time to spare, calmly lobbing the goalkeeper from 20 yards out with a magnificently weighted chip worthy of the players on show in the actual match.

And he did it all with just one leg.


McKay, who had his leg amputated at the age of nine after contracting an aggressive form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma, says: "It was all a bit mental.

“I won a competition on Twitter by McEwan Fraser Legal to the half-time challenge. I was one of two people who won it and we were allowed to bring a mate. It wasn’t until late on in the day that I thought that I should probably give them a heads-up that I only have one leg.

“I told them that I would still be able to kick the ball fine. I was more worried about falling over than scoring to be honest. It was an amazing experience — I have been doing match reports for the United website and you get to go to lots of different parts of the ground but they never let you on the actual pitch.

“It was brilliant but I didn’t think that everyone else would go so crazy — the crowd were going mental.”

And they were. Even the Dundee United substitutes crowded close as McKay made his run-up, going wild as the chip sailed into the net. Just look at this alternate angle which shows the crowd reaction to the spectacular run and finish.


A spokesman from McEwan Fraser Legal said: “When Tommy informed us he had one leg he said he was confident in his ability to take part in the McEwan Fraser Legal #HomeAdvantage Challenge, however none of us expected the sizzling skill he showed.

“The fact that United’s substitutes stopped their warm up and cheered with the near 6,000 crowd made it all the more special. Since then it has been retweeted thousands of times."

Not a bad piece of inspiration for the day.