Watch Patrik Laine inexplicably score on his own net

Patrik Laine is only 18 years old but he’s shown early on in his rookie campaign that he has a knack for putting the puck into the net.

Unfortunately, he apparently has a bit of trouble distinguishing what net he’s supposed to be shooting on sometimes.

Laine had an embarrassing moment late in Sunday’s Jets-Oilers game when he put a rebound into the back of his own net accidentally. It appeared Laine was trying to fire the puck behind the net but inexplicably put it right into his own goal.

That gaffe gave the Oilers a 3-2 lead and ultimately became the game’s deciding play, as Edmonton won by that final score. Not great!

Luckily for Laine, he’s earned himself a bit of goodwill so far this year. His 17 goals against opposing teams ranks third-most in the league, so he’ll be excused for scoring on his own team once in a while.