Watch Neymar and Lionel Messi connect on a delicious goal

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You may have heard that Neymar and Lionel Messi are good. Like really good. Like super duper amazing good.

And very good players can do things like hit a chipped pass on a dime right into the path of an onrushing teammate, who takes the ball on a half volley and rips a shot near post where there appeared to be no room whatsoever.

That’s what Neymar and Messi did. Because they are very good players.

And this is what makes Barcelona so amazing. They’re an objectively great team, with a cohesive defense, a good defensive midfielder in Sergio Busquets (although a return to his form of old would be nice), excellent passers through the midfield and good forwards. But even great teams run into trouble, where they lack sharpness, are beaten tactically or just struggle. It’s just how things go and it goes that way for Barcelona sometimes. But even when that happens, sometimes they score and win anyway, because they have guys like Neymar and Messi (and Luis Suarez), who can make goals happen completely out of nowhere. Bless them for it too, because it’s a treat to watch.