Watch Miguel Layun score to put Mexico ahead and end ‘Dos a Cero’

The legend of "Dos a Cero" is no more. The last four times the U.S. men’s national team came to Columbus for a World Cup qualifier against Mexico, the match ended 2-0 with a U.S. win — but that ended Friday.

It took just 20 minutes for Mexico’s Miguel Layun to put Mexico ahead and kill any chances of a fifth straight Dos a Cero. (Watch the goal above.)

It could’ve happened sooner, if not for an excellent Tim Howard save by the goalkeeper’s fingertips and off the post just 11 minutes earlier. The Mexicans came out in aggressive, attacking system and got on the front foot early. With that, Dos a Cero is done.

The Americans have counted on that Dos a Cero aura to give them a psychological advantage over their rivals. We’ll see if losing that changes how Mexico play the rest of the way.