Watch Luke Walton flop while going 1-on-1 with the Lakers’ young big men

It wasn’t all that long ago that Luke Walton was out on the court, trying to defend much larger opponents as a member of the 2012-13 Cleveland Cavaliers. He is by no means a washed-up old man; the Los Angeles Lakers coach is just 36 years old, after all.

So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that Walton was right in the thick of things at Wednesday’s Lakers practice, playing his fierce brand of defense against his young big men:


That’s the 6-foot-8 Walton going up against Thomas Robinson (6-foot-10), Tarik Black (6-foot-9) and Julius Randle (6-foot-9). And if you watched that brief clip, you know that Walton flopped to draw a charge in practice. No shame in his game; he’s teaching his players everything it takes to be a champion, which sometimes means emphasizing contact.

While Randle got the best of Walton at the end of that video, there’s no word on what happened when Walton went up against 7-footer Timofey Mozgov:


Use your imagination to fill in the result of that epic clash.