Watch Kyle Quincey score a magnificent (and embarrassing) own goal

Scoring an own goal is never ideal for a hockey player, but if you’re going to put one into your own net, you may as well make it impressive.

That’s what New Jersey Devils defenseman Kyle Quincey did on Monday night in San Jose. During the third period of the Sharks’ 4-0 win, Brent Burns put a shot attempt wide of the net and straight into the feet of Quincey. The Devils defender then showed some solid skate-to-stick skill, kicking the loose puck to the blade of his twig before shooting the puck into his own goal.

I’m not sure exactly what Quincey was thinking as he scored on his own team. It looks like it could have been a momentary lapse in judgement, or he could have been trying to slide it into his goalie to freeze play, or maybe he was intending to backhand it away from the crease but just flubbed on the execution as he was falling down. Either way, we can assume this was not the intended result.

If you’re Quincey, though, it could have been worse. The Devils were already down 3-0 so it’s not like this mistake cost his team the game. Plus, he got to show off some of that sweet footwork and goal-scorer’s touch, even if it was at the wrong end of the ice.