Watch Jurgen Klinsmann’s classy ‘thank you’ video to USMNT fans

Even if a lot of people were ready to see Jurgen Klinsmann go, it’s still never fun to see someone lose their job. The German seems to be handling it well, though.

In a classy gesture after seeing the U.S. coaching job filled by Bruce Arena, Klinsmann released a video on Facebook expressing gratitude for the job. Klinsmann spent a big portion of the two-minute video addressing and thanking the United States national team’s fans.

"I just want to say thank you so much, especially to our fans the American Outlaws, which grew unbelievably over the last years," Klinsmann said. He then went on to thank the players, especially for their support in the wake of his dismissal.

Even though he won’t be at the helm, Klinsmann is convinced the U.S. will qualify for the next World Cup. Two losses to open up the Hex is a deep hole to dig out from, but Klinsmann said he’s confident. It’s a classy gesture all around, and hopefully he will leave with sense of fondness from the fans.

Things didn’t work out ideally for Klinsmann, the team and the fans, but there were undeniably some good times. Now that what’s done is done, and the U.S. has already turned the page and named Bruce Arena the new manager, dwelling on the failures makes little sense.

Klismann has wished the USMNT luck, and he’s deserving of some measure of reciprocity.