Watch hockey player unleash vicious stick attack on referee in Russia

As most of the internet knows by now, things tend to get so crazy and unpredictable on the streets of Russia that basically every car comes with a built-in dash cam.

Well, it seems their amateur hockey games are somewhat similar, as their referees have apparently taken to wearing GoPro cameras on their head. So, basically, what we have here is a Russia sports dash cam video.

It comes from a recent Russian amateur hockey game and shows one player getting so upset with a ref that he decides that his appropriate course of action should be to violently attack the official with his hockey stick. The player takes a vicious two-hand overhead tomahawk chop at the ref before others try (and fail) to restrain him. The video ends after the player delivers a follow-up punch that knocks the camera right off the ref’s head.

According to Puck Daddy, the officials are expected to meet this week to decide on a punishment for the assailant. If it’s anything less than a lifetime ban from the league, then this dude will have gotten off super easy. Frankly, he’s lucky he wasn’t arrested.