Watch Diego Perotti score on a jaw-dropping rabona

A large portion of us spent the bulk of yesterday stuffing our faces and drifting in and out of consciousness due to food coma (at least in the United States), so it’s understandable if this bit of skill from Roma’s Diego Perotti slipped under the radar.

The good news is that the video lives on, so we can watch it over and over. And over. And over.

OK, so he was trying to cross the ball to his teammate, but the ball tucked into the top corner of the net instead. It also took a deflection and is technically an own goal, but let the man have it. Perotti, bless his heart, admitted that it wasn’t an attempt on goal after the 4-1 win against Viktoria Plzen.

"The truth is that I tried to cross it," Perotti said via Roma’s website. "But it’s good that it went in – for the team, because it killed off the game, and for me because until then I had only scored from penalties."

Rule No. 1 about awesome goals, you never admit that it was an accident. C’mon, Diego!