Watch Benoit Cheyrou score the goal that sent Toronto FC to MLS Cup

Toronto FC spent the first eight years of their existence as MLS laughingstocks. They had fans, money and signed plenty of big name players, but nothing they did could get them into the playoffs. When they finally made the postseason in 2015, they went out after just one game. No matter what the Reds did, they’d choke.

At least that used to be the case. Benoit Cheyrou made sure people would never see Toronto FC like that again when he came off the bench to score an extra time goal that sent TFC to MLS Cup.


That goal will forever be remembered as the goal that changed Toronto FC forever. They had finally made it.

It was an appropriate way for Toronto FC to win, too. The Reds’ stars got them to extra time of the Eastern Conference final, but when Sebastian Giovinco go hurt, TFC had to make a change. Greg Vanney, who has helped transform the club, made the right move by choosing Cheyrou to go in for him. Then the Frenchmen, who is part of the Reds’ often-overlooked supporting cast, score the goal that will go into Toronto FC history.

Now it’s the Seattle Sounders vs. Toronto FC for the MLS Cup title. Yes, that Toronto FC. They’ve made it, all thanks to Cheyrou’s goal.