Watch Benfica conspire to hit the woodwork three times before finally scoring

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At its most basic, soccer is a pretty simple concept. You try to put the ball in the opposition’s goal while keeping it out of your own. Easy enough, right?

Well, sometimes even professionals can make it look like the most impossible achievement ever conceived. Exhibit A: Benfica vs. Besiktas. Somehow, some way, Benfica managed to hit the crossbar twice and the post once before finally poking home a goal. And the majority of it happened mere feet from a pretty much wide-open goalmouth.

Sure, it resulted in a goal, but yikes. Clearly the soccer gods weren’t on Benfica’s side, and defying them by insisting on scoring despite three denials from the woodwork angered the deities. Besiktas mounted a comeback after that comical goal, and wound up drawing the match 3-3.

Failing to win after going up 3-0? That’s like hitting the woodwork three times in a matter of seconds.