Watch Andrew Shaw have stick-smashing meltdown in penalty box

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but Andrew Shaw had some trouble controlling his anger late in a game.

In the final minute of Tuesday’s Ducks-Canadiens game in Anaheim, Shaw absolutely blew a gasket after he was called for a penalty with Montreal down a goal. He headed to the penalty box without causing much of a scene, but once he got there things got fiery.

The Habs forward swung his stick at the inside of the penalty box glass, breaking off the blade before eventually just snapping the rest of the twig over his knee in anger. He also hurled some impassioned profanities at an official from inside the box.

Not surprisingly, Shaw was assessed a misconduct and sent to the locker room…but not before he could complete the meltdown with an assault on the team’s stick rack! He sent all the team’s sticks raining down upon a poor Canadiens employee who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

These tantrums are becoming less and less unusual for Shaw, who clearly has some trouble controlling his emotions in the heat of battle. Though, to his credit, he managed to be a big baby without the use of homophobic slurs and/or middle fingers in this meltdown. So, progress?