Watch a stunned Ryan McDonagh skate head-first into the boards

The NHL has been trying its best to limit head injuries in recent years, but that’s pretty tough to do when players skate straight into the boards with the crown of their skull.

Tuesday night’s game between the Rangers and Blues held a concerning moment in the first period when Ryan McDonagh took a stick to the face from an opponent. Stunned and hunched over, the New York defenseman tried to skate back to the bench. He failed.

A mis-calibrated GPS sent McDonagh directly into the boards head-first, appearing to make him even more woozy than he was to begin with. It was clear that he could use a bit of medical assistance and, to their credit, the Rangers’ training staff was on the scene pretty quickly to help him off the ice.

Fortunately, he would end up being OK and returned in the second period, so hopefully he was able to laugh at this later.