Washington Redskins lineman donates tickets to victims of Dallas shooting

Ty Nsekhe gave back on Thanksgiving. The Washington Post reports the Washington Redskins lineman, who attended high school in Arlington, Texas, donated 10 tickets for the Redskins-Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium to Dallas police officers and their families that were affected by the senseless shooting rampage in July.

That incident saw five policemen die, nine other officers wounded as well as two civilians.

“I’m just hoping to just bring some light,” Nsekhe told the Post. “One day of joy. I don’t know if they’ve been able to see a Cowboys game before. If they haven’t, hopefully it’s a great experience for them.”

Nsekhe was undrafted out of Texas State. His journey to the Redskins saw him stop at the NFL, CFL, Arena Football League and Arena Development League.

Per The Post:

Nsekhe met with the police officers and their families for the first time Wednesday evening. He was at his home in Grand Prairie, a suburb of Dallas, on July 7 when Micah Johnson opened fire at Dallas police officers during a protest sparked by police shootings across the country on unarmed African Americans.

“It’s incredible that they come and step up to the plate and come with stuff like this,” said officer Ivan Saldana, who was also injured on July 7. Saldana, a Cowboys fan, will take his wife for his second Cowboys game. “It’s really amazing. It surprised me. Still, four months after what happened, we don’t expect none of that as police officers. That’s our job and our profession. That’s what we do, but it’s just incredible in the community and all of the support and the support to the police department. You still see a lot of shootings and police officers dying in ambushes. People are just killing police officers just because they’re mad, like the one in San Antonio. ‘I’m mad towards the system. Let me kill this guy.’ That’s insane, and it should stop. It should stop. People should go back to the integrity and morale that used to be in this country because it just seems like it’s getting crazier and crazier. We do the best we can. We try to protect ourselves the best we can in order to protect the public, but there’s definitely nothing we can do if somebody is going to walk to us and just shoot us like that.”