Vikings’ Blair Walsh sounds frustrated when questioned about his missed kicks

The Minnesota Vikings are riding a three-game losing streak after their surprisingly hot start, and it looks like frustration is starting to build in the locker room.

Blair Walsh missed two kicks Sunday in the Vikings’ 22-16 loss to the Lions, one a 46-yard field goal attempt that was blocked and his third extra-point miss of the season.

After the game, Wash was in no mood to discuss the misses and appeared to lose his patience with the media.

"It’s not that I’m frustrated with you. It’s just, you guys have got to understand, what do you want the answer to be?" Walsh said, via ESPN. "I want to be there for my team. Of course I want to make it. But come on. You guys ask the same questions every week — ‘Did you make it? Why didn’t it go in?’ I mean, if I had the answer right away, I’d tell you. I’m confident in what I’m doing. I know that I’m going to be fine. But it’s tough right now."

Walsh’s field-goal miss Sunday was especially crucial. Minnesota was trailing by one point in the fourth quarter when Detroit blocked his 46-yard attempt. He has made 12 of his 16 field-goal attempts this year.

When asked what happened during his two missed kicks Sunday, Walsh sounded combative.

"They didn’t go in, man. I mean, you watched it."

Then he was asked if his extra-point miss felt good coming off his foot.

"I mean, obviously not," Walsh said. "It didn’t go in, right? I mean, you guys are going to ask me this question a million times. ‘Did it feel good?’ ‘Did I make it?’ No, I didn’t. ‘Do I have to?’ Yes. ‘Do I want to?’ Yes. I mean, if you’ve got something else, please. Seriously."

Despite the Vikings’ current slide, they still hold a half-game lead over the Lions for the NFC North division. Minnesota and Walsh have to hope they can get back on track next Sunday at Washington.