USA player consoles sobbing twin sister after beating her Mexico team

Twin sisters Monica and Sabrina Flores are playing in the U-20 Women’s Championship, albeit on rival sides. Sabrina plays for the United States, while Monica features for the Mexico squad. The New Jersey natives squared off on Friday in the tournament quarterfinals, with the U.S. emerging victorious. Monica was understandably emotional following the 2-1 loss, but her twin sister was quick to console her.

It’s a touching moment, as both sisters are probably feeling a range of emotions. Winning is great, but seeing your sister lose isn’t fun … and losing stinks, but watching your sister succeed is pretty awesome.  The USA vs. Mexico rivalry runs deep, but not deep enough to cut across the Flores family line.

The good news for the duo is that they’re both on the same college team, Notre Dame. If they win there, then everyone wins!