UFC 205 video: McGregor says Alvarez has fought ‘bums’ his whole life

There’s just one day to go before Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor meet in the Octagon for the UFC’s first champion vs. champion fight in seven years.

McGregor, who captured the featherweight title last year, will challenge Alvarez for the lightweight belt at UFC 205. ‘The Notorious’ took both the featherweight and lightweight titles in Cage Warriors and will look to accomplish a similar feat in MMA’s most prestigious organization.

Things almost came to blows at yesterday’s pre-fight conference when McGregor attempted to launch a chair at Alvarez, and both men continued to trade barbs on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Alvarez, 32, poked fun at McGregor’s white mink coat and said he’s not interested in becoming the most popular fighter.

“You didn’t buy it,” Alvarez said, per MMA Fighting. “Take the tags off, Conor. Take the tags off, my man. I think he stole it.”

“I was never concerned with being popular,” Alvarez said. “When I got into this sport, being popular wasn’t a concern of mine. I’ve actually paid for it. I haven’t got the paydays, I haven’t got the things I should have. What I did do is I took the route of integrity. I took on the best guys in the world, one by one by one. And I’ve been top in the world for years — years. This guy is just coming on in this sport.”

McGregor was quick to fire back, accusing his opponent of fighting ‘bums’ in Japan throughout his career.

“C’mon, Eddie,” McGregor said. “You’ve been over in Japan or some sh*t. You’ve been fighting bums all your life. You’ve never been on this stage. You’ve never been against a guy like me.”

Alvarez is one of the most accomplished lightweight champions in the sport and has won gold in multiple promotions. Before joining the UFC, Alvarez was the official Bellator 155-pound champ.

“You’re an absolute bum,” McGregor continued. “You’re trying to talk about a decorated career — you’re a schmuck. You’re an absolute bum. You get dropped every fight. Look at your face.”

There will be no room for any more words when Alvarez and McGregor are locked in the Octagon for UFC 205’s main event. The pay-per-view takes place tomorrow night, Nov. 12, at Madison Square Garden in New York.