Tottenham’s Vincent Janssen suffers severe concussion, lost ’20 minutes’ of memory

Tottenham striker Vincent Janssen suffered memory loss after a strong blow to the head following a collision with goalkeeper Simon Mignolet during the 1-1 draw with Belgium on Tuesday.

In the 12th minute, Janssen chased down a lofted through ball from Georginio Wijnaldum but was absolutely crushed by Mignolet as the Belgian keeper came out to punch and took his man at the same time. Janssen immediately crashed to the ground and was visibly shaken, but played on for a further fourteen minutes after his injury.

According to Netherlands head coach Danny Blind, the prognosis is still unclear for the 22-year-old striker: "Vincent is going to be a very difficult story. The physician told me it is a concussion. He lost 20 minutes of his memory and doesn’t know what happened. We have to be careful with that and talk it through."

Concussion protocols are still a foggy subject at soccer’s highest level, and how Janssen was allowed to play on following the clearly concussive injury is a failure on the part of the refereeing staff and medical staff on site.

It remains to be seen how long Janssen will be forced to sit out, if at all.