Tony Ferguson on Khabib Nurmagomedov: ‘The guy is a whiny b*tch’

Tony Ferguson believes that a UFC lightweight title shot is rightfully his already. But he’s not going to complain about it. He’s going to do something about it. El Cucuy was a guest on The MMA Hour this week, and it looks like he wants a shot at the other man claiming to be the top contender – Khabib Nurmagomedov. And he wasn’t very nice about it, calling him names and putting it on the line (via MMA Fighting):

“All bullsh*t aside, the guy is a whiny b*tch.”He can whine as much as he wants to.”

“Like I said before, I’m not going to rob him of an ass-whooping. He does deserve one from my hands.

“Who else is he going to fight? He wants to fight for a belt. (Eddie) Alvarez ain’t going to fight him. Come on, dude. That dude’s been running from me for a long time. He hasn’t wanted nothing to do with me. His pops was like the first one to say, ‘yeah, my son will fight you,’ and Khabib’s running the other way. He’s calling Conor a chicken and Khabib is running from me, I’m calling him a chicken. So it’s a trickle effect, man. I’m telling you, everybody is scared of the Bogeyman at the end.”

Ferguson, like Khabib, believes that there should be an interim title on the line if they fight because champion Conor McGregor has indicated that he will be taking some time off due to the impending birth of his first child. But Ferguson actually was set to be on the UFC 208 card against someone else before it went south:

“Man, I was excited. I was stoked about it,” Ferguson said. “I was like, who’s the opponent? And I can’t really get too much into detail, but the person who was supposed to sign on the dotted line was a little too injured from his last bout, I guess, and had to wait a couple more months. I’m not going to say names, but all I’m going to say is you’re going to have an interesting fight coming up pretty soon.

“I’m not sure what they have planned, lined up, trying to get me or somebody. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed and we’ll see what’s up.”

I doubt they will actually get their wish for an interim title to be at stake, but the bout does seem like a natural progression for the division if Conor is indeed out for a while. I just hope it’s a five-rounder.