This iguana running for its life with Messi goal commentary is a must-watch

The BBC’s highly anticipated Planet Earth II series just dropped in the UK, and one of the most talked-about scenes is a newly hatched iguana’s harrowing run to safety through a nest of snakes intent on making it their next delicious meal.

The iguana speeds through a rocky landscape, ducking, dodging and somehow evading capture by the mob of predators chasing it. It’s absolutely epic. It’s inspiring. It might change your life (no guarantees, but maybe).

So, of course, the Internets got their hands on the clip and worked their Internet magic. And the result is incredible. overlaid the iguana run clip with commentary from a couple of Leo Messi’s greatest goals, and the result? We’ll let you see for yourselves.


The clip itself is already scintillating, but this commentary it elevates to Legendary Internets status. It’s a video you’ll (probably) watch over and over.

And now I want an iguana.

BONUS: Here’s the iguana run set to NFL’s Primetime music.