This howler from Luca Zidane is a candidate for the Fail Hall of Fame

It wasn’t a great day to be part of the Real Madrid family on Wednesday. While the senior side managed to battle back and earn a draw against Legia Warsaw in the Champions League, surely the full complement of points was expected. More disappointment reared its head further down the ranks, too. While the Real Madrid youth team did the senior team one better and beat Legia in the UEFA Youth League, the thing most people will be talking about is this absolute howler from the end of the match:

That’s Luca Zidane (yes, Real Madrid manager Zinedine’s son) doing God knows what to try and make a play on a ball. It barely looks like it’s on frame and Zidane totally panics. Even conceding a corner there would be a bit of a letdown, but a goal? HOW? His attempt to push the ball out somehow results in putting enough English on the attempt that it trickles into the vacated net.

That’s the type of goal that would take a lifetime to recreate just based on physics alone. The goal didn’t bite Real Madrid in the end, though. Time had all but expired by the time it went in and Real Madrid were already up by a pair of goals. Still, the 18-year-old probably won’t hear the end of it for a while.