This 400-pound Wrigley Field gingerbread house is too sweet to eat

It’s been a pretty good year for the Chicago Cubs. Not only did they win their first World Series in over a century, but they also now have had a legendary gingerbread house made in their honor.

Gerald Madero, the chef for Forest Hills Country Club in Illinois, constructed a monstrous gingerbread replica of Wrigley Field for this holiday season, and it is a thing of beauty.

The 400-pound gingerbread stadium measures four feet by four feet and is entirely edible, from the grass to the seats to the scoreboard. The detail is pretty outstanding.


While you might think that the most redeeming part of making a gingerbread structure is being able to eat it afterward, Chef Madero disagrees. He made this with the intent of using it as a decorative holiday centerpiece, not to serve as dessert. That means it’ll be heading into the trash once the holiday season is over. Sad!