The NHL’s Las Vegas team finally reveals its name and logo

After officially securing an expansion franchise in June, Las Vegas’ new NHL team is slowly becoming more and more of a reality. On Tuesday night, after plenty of speculation, the organization finally, mercifully revealed what it will be called.

The Vegas Golden Knights.

The announcement was made in a ceremony held in a plaza directly outside of the new T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip, where the team will play starting in 2017. That ceremony was a bit of a disaster, as the ownership group couldn’t get the reveal video to work on the first few attempts, which left the crowd pretty restless.

Alas, the franchise’s majority owner, Bill Foley, said that he decided on the name in August, but the logo — also unveiled during the ceremony — was not completed until late October.

Here’s a look:

Hey, that’s a pretty good logo! It’s pretty simple but also quite sleek and cool. I especially like how the ‘V’ is cut into the helmet. (The design reveal led to a bunch of jokes comparing the logo to Boba Fett, but it’s clearly more of a Magneto-inspired look. Come on, nerds!) Of course, a good logo doesn’t necessarily guarantee good jerseys, so I’m still a bit wary of what the sweaters may look like.

They also revealed a secondary logo on the team’s website. That one is not quite as impressive.