The best moments in Dos a Cero history: La Guerra Fria starts the legend

When the United States decided to play their World Cup qualifier against Mexico in Columbus, Ohio in 2001, they were just looking for a home-field advantage. Crew Stadium gave them that, but it gave them much, much more.

It gave the U.S. freezing temperatures.

Ohio delivered the U.S. some serious winter weather, with temperatures in the 20s that went a long way to turning the match in their favor. Mexico didn’t even come out to warm up because it was so cold out and they wore giant coats to stay warm until the very last minute before kick off. The cold was in their heads, and the Americans took advantage.

An injury to Brian McBride forced the U.S. to bring Josh Wolff in as an early sub and he delivered, scoring the first goal and setting up the second as the Americans won, 2-0. At the time, there was no Dos a Cero legend. This was the first result of what would be four consecutive 2-0 wins over Mexico in Columbus, so the talk after the game wasn’t the scoreline, it was the cold.

How much did the cold matter? The Mexican media dubbed the match "La Guerra Fria," or "The Cold War." And it was in that cold that Dos a Cero was born.