Stephanie McMahon wants to bring Ronda Rousey to WWE after her UFC retirement

Ronda Rousey, a huge Rowdy Roddy Piper fan, made a surprise appearance at WrestleMania 31 and had a showdown with current Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon and her husband Triple H. Rousey, who was brought into the ring by the Rock, put McMahon in an arm-bar and judo tossed Triple H in one of the best moments of the show – but she hasn’t been back inside the squared circle since, and UFC’s Dana White said at the time that it was a “one-and-done” appearance for Rousey in WWE.

Rousey’s career options should be opening up shortly, however, as she announced this week that her bout against Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 will be “one of [her] last” in UFC. White later confirmed that Rousey’s fighting career was winding down, and said that she wants to pursue more opportunities as an actress.

Rousey will definitely receive an offer to return to WWE, though, which could be a very attractive option for her. In an interview with TMZ, Stephanie McMahon said she still has to pay back Rousey for her attack at WrestleMania 31, and that WWE will “certainly” attempt to lure her back to the ring.

“TMZ: Ronda Rousey just announced that this is going to be one of her last fights. Any chance of bringing her into the WWE?

McMahon: God, I certainly hope so. I gotta get her back, she put me in that arm bar… I’m certainly going to try, so I’ll just leave it at that.”

WWE could be a perfect spot for Rousey to both maintain her profile as one of the most dangerous women in the world (in a relatively safe environment) while still having the opportunity to work as an actress. John Cena, The Rock, The Miz and a number of other WWE stars have worked acting into their WWE schedules, and Rousey is a big enough star that she could likely have a part-time, Brock Lesnar-like schedule in WWE. The women’s division has also come a long way since Rousey’s last appearance in WWE, and feuds with the likes of Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch or Asuka would be must-watch TV for wrestling fans.

McMahon also praised Sasha Banks and new Raw women’s champion Charlotte for making history at Hell in a Cell, and said that they could one day main event a WrestleMania.

“That would be the goal, to have the women main event WrestleMania at some point in time. Whether that’s five years from now, 10 years from now… I think they’re going to make it happen.”