Some Browns fans are planning a parade in Cleveland for a ‘perfect’ 0-16 season

The city of Cleveland could be in for another season-ending parade — although the good folks of northern Ohio might prefer to avoid this one.

With the Browns 0-10 this season, Cleveland fan Chris McNeil is planning a parade should his favorite team manage to go winless in 2016 — and he claims to have the paperwork to put his idea in motion:


Truly, irony is the currency of our times.

Just for good measure, McNeil plotted out the perfect parade route, which will trace the numbers "0" and "16" around and adjacent to FirstEnergy Stadium:


So how do other Browns fans feel about trying to recreate the magic from the Cavaliers’ championship parade this past summer (only, you know, the polar opposite)? That depends on whom you ask — although given the several thousand people who have joined the parade’s Facebook page, McNeil certainly isn’t alone.

Via FOX 8 Cleveland:

“I think a little disrespectful to the Cavaliers and the Monsters and the Indians who worked so hard to be victors,” said one Browns fan.

“I can’t see going to celebrate a losing season,” said another fan.

“We should 100 percent celebrate them losing at this point because they can’t get their stuff together,” said a fan.

“You might as well be good at something, I mean, like the Browns’ thing is losing, the Cavs is winning,” another fan said.

Here’s the Browns’ schedule the rest of the way, in case you’re curious:

– Week 11: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

– Week 12: vs. New York Giants

– Week 13: Bye

–  Week 14: vs. Cincinnati Bengals

– Week 15: @ Buffalo Bills

– Week 16: vs. San Diego Chargers

– Week 17: @ Pittsburgh Steelers

0-16 is definitely in play.