Russell Westbrook says the Warriors ‘talk a lot of trash talk now’

The first game between Russell Westbrook’s Thunder and Kevin Durant’s Warriors was largely uneventful in terms of the personal relationship between the two players. They each got a highlight against the other, but the game was a blowout, and and the two didn’t speak.

According to Westbrook, however, there was plenty of chatter directed his way that came from Durant’s teammates.

"The Warriors were doing a lot of trash talking," Westbrook said, via ESPN. "Apparently, I guess they talk a lot of trash talk now."

"Anybody that’s seen me play or that’s close to me and knows how I play, they know what it is," Durant said. "As long as it’s between the lines, everything is all good with me. I’m going to go out there and be who I am. If you talk, I’ll talk back. I don’t really say much, but if you start it, I’ll finish it."

Oklahoma City’s Enes Kanter tried to engage Durant in some talk from the bench, and Durant fired back when giving his postgame remarks.


It’s unclear if Golden State’s players talked more trash against the Thunder than they normally do in order to show that they have Durant’s back. What we do know, though, is that the Warriors are getting a reputation in this area that they somehow believe is undeserved.