Richard Sherman sums up his take on controversial no-call with one simple photo

Richard Sherman has always been a physical player, particularly for a cornerback. He never shies from contact and always finds himself at the center of attention, no matter the situation.

The Seattle Seahawks’ controversial win over the Bills on Monday night was no different as he was involved in a couple of plays that raised the eyebrows of some. The first came just before halftime, when the Bills attempted a field goal to make it a 28-20 game. Sherman was called offsides, but because he didn’t hear the whistle, he continued as if the play wasn’t blown dead.

Sherman subsequently dove at the ball and took out the legs of kicker Dan Carpenter, which should have been called unnecessary roughness. Many called it a dirty play, saying Sherman wasn’t going for the ball.

Well, he responded on Tuesday morning with one simple picture that sums up his defense of the play.


Notice the “thinking” emoji, signifying that he’s wondering how people could consider it a dirty play when he clearly got his hand on the ball. That doesn’t mean the play was completely clean or warranted, but it’s obvious he did go for the ball – even if he did take out the kicker, too.