Rex Ryan responds to Pete Carroll’s advice to ‘coach his own team’

Almost 24 hours after their teams clashed on the field, the war of words between Rex Ryan and Pete Carroll continues in the media.

On Tuesday, the Seattle Seahawks coach responded to a bit of jawing between Ryan and Richard Sherman during Monday night’s game by telling reporters he wishes the Buffalo Bills coach would stick to coaching "his own team."

"I just wish he would coach his own team," Carroll said Tuesday on 710 ESPN Radio. "That’s it. Coach your own guys."

Before the day was out, word of Carroll’s comments made their way back to Ryan. Naturally, he responded.


"Well, as a matter of fact I do coach my own guys and I’m proud of the team that I coach. We haven’t had the results that we shoot for every time but I’m proud of this group and yeah, I have no problem. I do coach my own guys but I forgot, I guess I should have asked Pete when somebody asked me a question about one of his players, I should have asked Pete about the appropriate response I guess."

The next step in this rivalry is obviously Ryan donning a disguise and pretending to be a reporter at a Seahawks practice, sort of like he did when the Bills played the Patriots earlier this year.


From there, we need a Bills-Seahawks Super Bowl matchup. Let’s swing over to the Las Vegas Westgate SuperBook for a look at the odds on that:

The Seahawks are currently tied with the Dallas Cowboys for the best Super Bowl odds for an NFC team at 8/1, so that’s reasonable. As for the Bills? They’re listed as 200/1 underdogs to win the Super Bowl — slightly worse than the Dolphins, slightly better than the Rams.

On second thought, never mind on that whole "Super Bowl" thing.