Report: Ronda Rousey had ‘to be consoled’ after Amanda Nunes staredown

Ronda Rousey made her first fight-related appearance during the UFC 205 weigh-ins when she faced off with Amanda Nunes. However, it was an appearance that ended swiftly when she suddenly stormed off the stage, as the reigning women’s bantamweight champion was being interviewed by Joe Rogan.

UFC president Dana White went on to explain the situation, noting that both women were not supposed to be interviewed at the time. It was a blunder which he blamed one of his production guys for.

“My production guy screwed that thing up. It made Ronda look bad again, like she just stormed off. They were not supposed to do an interview. They were supposed to go out there, square off, and they were both supposed to walk away,” White said during the UFC 205 post-fight presser.

Speculation about Rousey’s demeanor sprouted out, with many once again putting her mental state into question, leading up to her comeback fight after a yearlong absence. But the Nunes staredown alone had apparently riled her up so bad that she reportedly had to be consoled afterwards.

The report was first mentioned by UFC analyst Robin Black of the Fight Network.

“We got lots of reports from the back that she was very upset in the back, needing to be consoled and stuff like that,” Black said.

MMA Fighting’s Dave Meltzer later said on Twitter that the reports were “true.”

Dr. David Klonsky, a Psychology professor at the University of British Columbia who was on Black’s show, stated that it will all boil down to how she is taken care of by the people around her.

“There’s no guarantee that Ronda’s gonna be completely fine mentally,” Dr. Klonsky told Black. “If she has a good team around her, and unfortunately it’s not completely clear that that’s the case, there are ways to deal with this.”

“There could even be smart ways where someone says ‘yeah, it makes sense that this is hard for you, being in the spotlight again after a really difficult loss.’”

Nunes vs. Rousey will take place just over a month from now, at UFC 207 on December 30th in Las Vegas.