Ravens S Eric Weddle eats a severely unhealthy amount of ice cream after wins

Veteran safety Eric Weddle made the jump from the Chargers to the Ravens this offseason after a messy exit from San Diego. In doing so, Weddle has already won more games this season than he did in all of 2015 with the Chargers.

That makes for a whole lot of ice cream in the Weddle household.

After every win, Weddle indulges in a big bowl of ice cream. He’s shared photos of his post-game meal several times on social media, proving that his unhealthy tradition is indeed real.

However, it was unclear just how much ice cream Weddle actually ate. Hint: It’s a lot.

“I would think that I consume a full gallon,” Weddle said on PFT Live. “I usually take the first batch of some ice cream, eat it and then about an hour later, at halftime of the Sunday night game, I go after a second serving. So I pretty much get a whole gallon of ice cream Sunday night. It’s pretty bad.”

Yeah, pretty safe to say eating a gallon of ice cream before bed – or at any time, for that matter – is a bad idea, and not great for one’s health. That won’t stop Weddle, though. It’s working.

He’s having an outstanding season and is a big part of the Ravens’ elite defense. The wins are certainly fun to celebrate, but the losses don’t warrant the same reward.

“I definitely don’t get ice cream,” he said.