Rams coach Jeff Fisher says Todd Gurley’s touches ‘need to increase significantly’

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  • November 9, 2016
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Jeff Fisher has been put in a tough position with the Los Angeles Rams. His team isn’t winning with Case Keenum under center, but No. 1 overall draft pick Jared Goff seemingly isn’t ready to be a starter in the NFL. The result has been a four-game losing streak that has the Rams’ playoff hopes quickly slipping away.

All of that is true, but there’s another situation causing some unrest in sunny LA: Todd Gurley’s production, or lack thereof.

He’s rushed for just 451 yards and three touchdowns this season, and though he hasn’t had much success, he hasn’t had many opportunities, either. In his past three games, Gurley hasn’t had more than 15 carries once. He’s been handed the ball just 41 times in that span, which is unacceptable for a team having Keenum throw it 99 times the past two games.

"Todd’s not getting enough carries," Fisher said on Monday. "Our passing numbers were skewed."

Fisher is going to work on getting Gurley additional touches, which can only help the Rams’ offense (and your fantasy team).

"His touches and his numbers need to increase significantly," Fisher added. "That’s what we discussed, and what we’re working on right now offensively.”

Of course, the game often dictates how often a running back carries the ball. If a team is behind, it will typically throw more often in order to catch up. If it’s leading, killing the clock is a must with the running game.

However, the Rams haven’t been blown out the past two games. They lost by seven and three, respectively, which makes Gurley’s lack of touches even more confusing.