Raiders coach Jack Del Rio is losing patience with punter Marquette King’s antics

It appears that Jack Del Rio has seen enough of Marquette King celebrating his booming punts. The Oakland Raiders head coach told reporters Monday that he didn’t have an unsportsmanlike penalty during his 11-year playing career as a linebacker, but he’s seen them far too often from his punter.

“And now we have two [unsportsmanlike penalties], in back-to-back weeks, from the punter,” Del Rio said.

The Raiders are coming off their first loss since October and are now tied with the Chiefs for the AFC West lead. King was flagged in last Thursday’s loss to the Chiefs for yapping at Tyreek Hill after his 78-yard punt return.


Could Del Rio just be testy after the loss? Sure. But a dancing punter is probably something the Raiders coach would like to address now rather than in the playoffs.