Pro Football Hall of Fame won’t give Ken Stabler’s family a gold jacket or ring

Ken Stabler’s election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame came too late —€” the legendary Raiders QB died last year, and sadly because of that, his family will not receive the gold jacket and ring that Stabler would’ve been given were he alive.

The Hall confirmed it in a statement to Deadspin: "The Hall of Fame has never presented either of these two personal items posthumously. The Hall of Fame does present to the family of a posthumously elected Hall of Famer, the Gold Hall of Fame Crest that is featured on the Hall of Fame Gold Jacket."

Stabler’s daughter Kendra Stabler Moyes tweeted that the family asked the Hall if it could buy the ring and jacket and was told no by executive director C. David Baker, because the Hall doesn’t want family members selling or fighting over the items.