Peyton Manning gives teacher battling cancer ‘the greatest moment of my life’

Rhonda Jacobs, a Texas schoolteacher battling cancer, says she experienced “the greatest moment of my life” when she received a surprise phone call from her favorite football player.

Rhonda told FOX 59 News she received the mysterious call on Halloween as she headed home, and the caller ID read “unknown”, but Rhonda said she recognized the voice on the other line: Peyton Manning.

Rhonda, who said she often listens to Manning’s postgame press conferences during treatment because his voice soothes her, said he spoke with her for five minutes, encouraging her to “keep your faith strong.”

“After about two or three sentences, I knew that was his voice and I started freaking out,” she told FOX 59 News. “He did most of the talking and it was awesome.”

Manning had been made aware of Rhonda’s cancer battle by a coworker who reached out to his PeyBack Foundation, and the legendary quarterback wanted to lend his support.

“It’s God, Jesus and then Peyton. That is the way it’s always been,” Rhonda told Fox 59. “This was the greatest moment of my life.”