Pete Carroll fires back at Rex Ryan: ‘Coach your own guys’

Rex Ryan was understandably frustrated by the result of Monday night’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. His Buffalo Bills were essentially robbed of three points at the end of the first half due to a debacle of a series by the officials when Richard Sherman wasn’t penalized for taking out Dan Carpenter.

Later in the game, Ryan exchanged words with Sherman, saying he’s “too good a player to act like an ass.” Sherman says he didn’t hear what Ryan said to him and it obviously didn’t bother him regardless, but Seahawks coach Pete Carroll wasn’t exactly pleased with Rex’s actions.

"I just wish he would coach his own team," Carroll said Tuesday on 710 ESPN Radio. "That’s it. Coach your own guys."

Ryan wasn’t the only one Carroll was unhappy with. He took issue with Carpenter’s acting job after Sherman hit him, which he claims made it look worse than it was.

"That guy [Carpenter], he hams it up a little bit too, which made it bad," Carroll said. "But he was able to play that same play, fortunately."

It’s fair for Carroll to tell Ryan to coach his own team. However, it’s not entirely right to say a guy was exaggerating an injury after his knee nearly buckled as the result of Sherman’s hit.

He believes it could have been avoided had the officials just blown the play dead and made it clear Sherman was offsides.

"Then if a guy comes off the edge, they blow the whistle, and he comes and drills the quarterback, then they give you unnecessary roughness," Carroll said. "That’s what the call should have been in that case."