Penguins unveil gold jerseys for Stadium Series game

A Penguins gold alternate jersey seemed inevitable once the team announced that they’d be reverting to "Pittsburgh gold" from "Las Vegas gold" full-time this offseason. That’s why it shouldn’t be too surprising that the Pens are going with a very gold look for their Stadium Series game at Heinz Field in February.

The jersey was unveiled on Friday afternoon during intermission of the Flyers-Rangers Black Friday matinee:


It’s not quite the same design as their primaries, though the logo is similar. You’ll notice that the skating Penguin doesn’t have the usual triangle behind it like on the regular jerseys. Instead, the captains’ letters will be contained within a triangle on the chest. The sleeve striping is also quite different from the normal jerseys, and there’s this monstrous patch on the arms:


Ah, yes … Pittsburgh, the city of champions. It’s hard not to feel like that’s a direct shot at Philadelphia, as the Pens are facing the Flyers, their intrastate rivals, in the Stadium Series game on Feb. 25.

I’ve got to say, I’m a little disappointed with the final product here. I think the Penguins have potential for a really great gold alternate at some point — but they should probably stick to the primary design as closely as possible. It’s almost impossible to go wrong that way.