Paul Pierce blows breakaway dunk, Chris Paul performs CPR on tired veteran teammate

Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul Pierce is not a young man anymore, closing in on 40. In basketball years, at this number, you might as well be on social security.

During the second quarter of Tuesday night’s game vs. the Brooklyn Nets, the 39-year-old Pierce showed why as he attempted to slam home a breakaway dunk via a beautiful pass from Chris Paul — only to blow it at the rim.

Pierce had recorded only 20 total game minutes up until this point, so, the old man is still getting in shape — and showed his fatigue by spending a few extra seconds on the ground following the miss. It’s OK though, we’ve seen from all of the State Farm commercials that Paul is a certified life insurance agent so he was there immediately to save the day and perform CPR on his fallen teammate:


Please add this to every YouTube Paul Pierce highlight reel please and thank you.