NFL reportedly will take a closer look at end-zone celebration flags and fines

It appears the NFL has listened to its fans and players regarding the league’s crackdown on celebrations. The NFL will take a closer look at player celebrations in the offseason, Pro Football Talk reported Sunday.

According to the report, the league office will provide a compilation of player celebrations to the Competition Committee, which could determine that more celebrations should be allowed in 2017.

Pittsburgh Steelers star wideout Antonio Brown has been fined and flagged multiple times this season for his end-zone dances that were deemed "sexually suggestive" by officials.


Players have been flagged and fined for a variety of different end-zone celebrations this season, but referees could have more discretion regarding whether a specific celebration deserves a flag. Players automatically are flagged for going to the ground for any reason other than prayer, but senior Vice President of officiating Dean Blandino has recently said that officials can permit snow angels.