Michael Bisping wants Nick Diaz at UFC 206: I’ll take him out ‘pretty easy’

As of the moment, Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre will not be fighting each other any time soon. According to St-Pierre, nothing about the said match-up came to fruition, despite making peace with Dana White.

“I tried to resolve things, but unfortunately, right now it’s not happening,” St-Pierre said. “Hopefully, things will change soon. Thank you.”

“The Count” is still aching to be part of the December 10th card in Toronto though, and now that St-Pierre is no longer an option, he shifted his focus to Nick Diaz.

“They spoke about UFC 206, and I like the idea fighting on that card,” Bisping told TMZ Sports. “All the other top middleweights, they have fights booked right now, so they’re busy, so who else is there? Diaz fights at 185, his last fight was against Anderson at 185. So if Diaz is free and he wants to fight at UFC 206, let’s do it. I’m in.”

Bisping had previously opened up the idea of the fight, stating the elder Diaz brother wanted to do it at a 178-pound catchweight. Now that it is once again brought up, the reigning middleweight champion no longer seems to mind about any stipulation, and is actually confident about his chances if the fight does happen.

“I’ll take Nick out pretty easy. He’s a tough guy, but Nick knows what’s up.”