Kevin Durant lays into Enes Kanter during postgame press conference

Kevin Durant went absolutely bonkers during the Golden State Warriors’ 122-96 bludgeoning of the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night, dropping 39 points on 15-of-24 shooting and grabbing seven rebounds before departing the game for good early in the 4th quarter.

Late in the second quarter, in the middle of a massive Warriors run that saw him singlehandedly put up double-digit points in less than a minute, Durant and former teammate Enes Kanter had themselves a little tiff during a brief stoppage of play:

Following the game, at the post game press conference, Durant was asked to elaborate on what was said between the two — and while he didn’t provide specific details, he did throw a couple shots at Kanter — saying: "How many minutes did he play? Three minutes. I’m trying to focus on whoever’s on the court. He trying to talk to me from the sideline. But I’m sure he’s going to put something on Twitter tonight."


Needless to say, Durant’s performance on Thursday earned him the right to say whatever he pleased — he was simply that good.

The opportunity for Kanter, Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder to get back at Durant is only 74 days away.