Juan Mata created an interactive world map of every place he’s played

Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata’s been a professional soccer player since he was a teenager. And even before then, his travels with the Spanish youth national team took him all over the world. Manchester United touched down in Istanbul, Turkey, for their match against Fenerbahce, and his first time in the country inspired Mata, now 28, to create “El Matamundi,” an interactive world map chronicling his extensive travels over the years.

Even a quick look at the map makes it clear that Mata has been all around the world and back. And, further inspired by the Fenerbahce trip, he even tweeted out the flags of every single country he’s been to in a beautiful color show of world knowledge. It also shows some of the more interesting and far-flung destinations, including Bahrain, Equatorial Guinea, and Borat’s home country of Kazakhstan.

It’s tough not to be a fan of Juan Mata. He’s one of the nicest guys in football, not to mention incredibly well-traveled and knowledgeable. Those are the kinds of guys that always get an invite to the dinner party.

Never stop Mata-ing, Juan.