Jason Garrett makes it clear who will be Cowboys’ starting QB going forward

Despite enjoying the best record in the NFL and having lost to only one team (twice) this season, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett had to make it crystal clear who will be the starting quarterback after rookie Dak Prescott struggled for the third consecutive game.

"You can make it as simple or as complex as you want to make it," Garrett said Monday, via ESPN. "It’s pretty simple for us: Dak’s going to play quarterback as we go forward."

Prescott has failed to throw for at least 200 yards for three consecutive games, and Sunday’s poor performance heavily contributed to Dallas’ second loss this season – both coming against the Giants. He threw two interceptions and failed to complete 50 percent of his passes.

But despite Prescott’s struggles Sunday, Garrett told reporters that he never considered pulling the rookie in favor of Tony Romo.

"We’re just focused on Dak playing quarterback for us," Garrett said. "And we’ll continue to do that in our preparation this week and as we go forward. He’s done a really good job for us up to this point, won 11 of 13 games that he’s started, and he’s handled really every situation as well as you can handle it. So we’ll just continue that way. Tony will be in a backup role for us and he’ll be ready to go if he’s called upon to play."

"But Dak’s done an outstanding job up to this point, excited to see him continue to play."

Romo, who is the Cowboys’ all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns, was sidelined during the early part of the season after suffering a compressing fracture in his back in the preseason. When he was finally healthy to return, the Cowboys had already given the job to Prescott, who has guided Dallas to an 11-2 mark.